Where Should I Buy? Eye Doctors vs. Online Retailers

You’ve completed your eye exam, and have a new prescription for lenses. What’s next? We’ve all asked this question! When it comes to buying eyeglasses, there are many options available for purchasing the perfect pair of frames and lenses. As online retailers have exploded in the last decade, a huge market for eyewear has emerged. But the optical shop that is available at your optometrist’s office also has many options for trendy, beautiful, and reliable eyewear at every price point. While online shopping can promote a hassle-free experience, there are certain advantages to buying eyeglasses from your optometrist or eye doctor. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying eyeglasses from your eye doctor instead of an online retailer:

Personalized attention: The staff at optometry offices have years of experience and training, which allows them to provide personalized attention to each patient. Optometrists and their staff of optical technicians will not only provide a thorough eye exam and prescribe the right eyeglasses for you, but they will also help you choose the right frames that complement your face shape and style. Online retailers, on the other hand, may not be able to provide this level of personal attention.


Accurate prescription: When you visit your optometrist, they will conduct a comprehensive eye examination to determine your precise prescription. Additionally, they can provide any follow-up care or tweaks needed if your prescription causes eye strain, headaches, or other vision problems. Online retailers may not be able to provide these adjustments to your prescription after you have ordered your eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Quality assurance: Optometrists have strong vendor relationships with reputable lens manufacturers to provide high-quality eyewear to their patients. When you order from them, they will ensure that the lenses are properly fitted into the frames and the eyeglasses meet the required standards for vision correction. Many optometrists like EWO also [MB1] offer warranties for eyeglass purchases. On the other hand, online retailers may offer frames and lenses that may not be of the same quality as those offered by an optometry practice.

After-sales service: When you buy eyeglasses from your optometrist, they will provide you with after-sales service, including adjustments and repairs, if needed. They will also offer advice on the best way to care for your eyeglasses, especially if they have special coatings or other custom options. Many will also offer additional items, such as lens cleaners and cleaning cloths. Online retailers may not be able to provide this level of after-sales service or provide the detailed knowledge about your prescription eyeglass care.

Trust and reliability: When you buy eyeglasses from your optometrist, you can trust that you are getting authentic and quality-checked products that meet your specific needs. Additionally, you are supporting a small business in your community! Online retailers don’t provide the same level of personal engagement as you will get from purchasing your eyewear from your optometrist.

When considering where to purchase your next pair of glasses, it’s important to remember that eyeglasses are not just a fashion accessory, but a medical device that requires a personalized prescription. By purchasing eyeglasses from your optometrist, you are ensuring that you get the best possible care for your eyes, the best fit and most flattering style, and you’re supporting your community’s small business! Stop by our optical anytime to check out the collection of trendy and stylish frames for you and your family!


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