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The Importance of Proper Contact Lens Care

Contact lenses are an indispensable tool for millions of people, providing a convenient and effective alternative to traditional eyeglasses.

Six Tips for Maximizing Healthy Vision

Each May, we celebrate Healthy Vision Month and it offers a great opportunity to learn about eye health and to ensure you recognize the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams in maintaining overall eye health.

Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Did you know that most women are at a greater risk for vision loss and impairment than men? The World Health Organization estimates that women account for 64.5% of all visually impaired people worldwide.

Where Should I Buy? Eye Doctors vs. Online Retailers

You’ve completed your eye exam, and have a new prescription for lenses. What’s next? We’ve all asked this question! When it comes to buying eyeglasses, there are many options available for purchasing the perfect pair of frames and lenses.

What’s All the Buzz About Neurolens?

You may be hearing a lot about Neurolens these days, the innovative new type of vision correction technology that can help correct vision and eye misalignment. If you suffer from eye strain, headaches, or many other symptoms, Neurolens may be a solution for you!

New Treatments for AMD

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with AMD or are currently dealing with this progressive eye condition, you may be interested to hear about some new and emerging technologies to combat this disease.

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